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The Last Call Phenice Arielle


There is a direct connection between women's reproductive health, mental health and climbing perimenopause, menopause and post menopause suicide rates.

Many women don't know why.

Some women start experiencing symptoms as early as their twenties.

Many doctors don't discuss this topic until far too late.

Too many women don't know that there's hope for the physical and psychological changes that our bodies go through.

But there is hope.

Sharing this hope is the purpose of the short/feature:

"The Last Call."

"The Last Call":

When a 35-year-old enters early menopause, she contemplates taking her life, while a potential love interest tries to change her mind at a NY comedy club, at a luxury sex toy shop, and on a run from the cops. Unfortunately, their optimistic day out has deadly consequences.

Article - Movie Poster laurels.jpg
Phenice Arielle - writer

About the writer:

Phenice is an author, screenwriter & 2022

Yale Writer's Workshop alum. 

Phenice's aim is to produce culturally diverse projects, featuring grounded sci-fi stories driven by BIPOC POV's and led by strong women like herself. 

After working at BET, MTV and in the production company in her living room, Phenice founded "Like I Matter" productions (fully: Treat Me – Hear Me – See Me: Like I Matter) to help bring her stories to life.

Project Progress:

Current (October):

  • Phenice is working to secure funding to turn the short script into a short film and eventual feature. 

October 1, 2023: 

  • "The Last Call" is awarded "Best Original Short Screenplay" by the Imagine This Women's Film Festival (NY, Regal Cinemas).

September, 2023: 

  • Phenice produces the first virtual table read of "The Last Call" (performed and filmed for the Imagine This Women's Film Festival).

August, 2023: 

  • Casting for a virtual table read performance of "The Last Call." 

The Last Call - cast Fazon Gray

September virtual performance cast: 

Article - Cast.jpg
The Last Call - cast Cassandra D. Johnson
The Last Call - cast David Greason
The Last Call - cast Bill Cossart

Bill Cossart

The Last Call - cast Annabelle Doo
Phenice Arielle - The Last Call writer and cast
The Last Call - cast Kat Shepherd
The Last Call - cast Tolani Uwemedimo
The Last Call - cast Faith Samson


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