Phenice Arielle takes a cat nap with snuggly kitty









The Basics:

Birth Name:

Phenice (Phoenix) Arielle (Lioness of God)

New York: Born & Raised I  Major, College: Journalism, Penn State


Phenice Arielle is a novelist, screenwriter and award nominated singer-songwriter, who has  worked with MTV Networks, The Center for Constitutional Rights and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Favorite Memories:


Solo travels through South Africa and Namibia.

Childhood Trivia:

Phenice was a member of the chess team at her school and played both violin and clarinet

(performing the latter at the world renown Carnegie Hall).


Today, she still utilizes a decades old beginner's piano keyboard that her father gave her to write songs.


This coming year, Phenice Arielle expects to release two novels.


The first, The Phoenix Rising: Destiny Calls, is part of a planned long running series (see the books and trailers page).


The second project is a children's book that she wrote long ago with her father.

This September, Phenice Arielle will also return to music with several new singles, including "Get Right.


In the meantime...


What is Phenice Arielle doing right now?


Phenice: Writing or recording music. Or watching Star Trek. Or thinking about Star Trek. Or wishing I had someone with whom to talk to about Star Trek-- OH MY GOSH did someone just bring up Star Trek??? Oh wait, that was me.

Also, everything you need to know about me is in the video clip below:

(AKA: Me during any icebreaker, or first day at a new place.)

Phenice is a writer, director, producer and the author of The Phoenix Rising - Destiny Calls


She is also credited for her work as an award nominated singer-songwriter.