Birth Name:

Phenice (Phoenix)

Arielle (Lioness of God)


Phenice Arielle is a novelist, screenwriter and eWorld Music award nominated singer-songwriter, who has  worked with MTV Networks, The Center for Constitutional Rights and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Favorite Memories:


Solo travels through South Africa and Namibia.

Childhood Trivia:

Phenice played both violin and clarinet growing up (performing the latter at the world renown Carnegie Hall).


Today, she still utilizes a decades old beginner's piano keyboard that her father gave her to write songs.




As a screenwriter, producer and artist, Phenice Arielle founded Like I Matter, Inc. to produce her culturally diverse digital, television, film and music content, books and screenplays.

Like I Matter Productions (fully known as "Treat Me – Hear Me – See Me: Like I Matter") is proud to announce that each of Phenice Arielle's competitive screenplays have placed in well-respected screenplay competitions this year (2022).








From ideation and storyboarding to the final video edits, Like I Matter, Inc. delves into the future of production with its original, empowering and internationally recognized project choices.













Phenice is currently working to develop and produce two short films, several TV series (1 serial + 2 episodics) and a feature film.


Among these projects are "The Phoenix Rising - Destiny Calls," "SISTER," "Mission: Next" (

and "The Mirich'a Prophecy," which Phenice recently workshopped as a novel adaptation at the 2022

Yale Writer's Workshop.


Phenice expects to release several novels during 2022 - 2023.


The first, The Phoenix Rising: Destiny Calls, is part of a planned long running series (see the books and trailers page).


Phenice is also currently writing her father's memoir and a children's book that she wrote with her father as a child. 


In the meantime...


What is Phenice Arielle doing right now?


Phenice: Writing or recording music. Or watching Star Trek. Or thinking about Star Trek. Or wishing I had someone with whom to talk with about Star Trek-- OH MY GOSH did someone just bring up Star Trek??? Oh wait, that was me.

Also, everything you need to know about me is in the video clip below:

(AKA: Me during any icebreaker, or first day at a new place.)

Coverfly 4New-SISTER Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 10.11.45 PM.jpg
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Phenice is a writer, director, producer and the author of The Phoenix Rising - Destiny Calls


She is also credited for her work as an indie award nominated singer-songwriter.