The Basics:

Birth Name:

Phenice (Phoenix) Arielle (Lioness of God)

New York: Born & Raised I  Major, College: Journalism, Penn State


Phenice Arielle is a writer, director, producer and vocal artist. 

She interned at MTV Networks, and was soon asked to officially join the company, citing her work ethic and initiative as among the reasons she was being brought on.

Phenice is an enthusiastic cat lover whose favorite memories are of her solo travels through South Africa and Namibia.

As a kid, Phenice played both violin and clarinet (performing the latter at Carnegie Hall).  However, despite her recent creative accomplishments (including an award for her songwriting), she’s most proud of a camp award she received as a child for being "the most joyous and humorous of her cabin."

Always engaging in some sort of creativity,  Phenice wrote her first novel in 2012. 

Later, after attending her first writing conference, Phenice rushed home and removed all of the furniture from her living room to film a series of book trailers with plans to launch an official release and promotion .


However, life takes many twists and turns, and when Phenice came home one day to find that her father had suffered a major stroke, she halted all creative projects to become his primary caregiver.


But to Phenice, creativity is like air. She can’t live without it. So after years on hiatus...


she’s back. 



This coming year, Phenice Arielle will release two books.


The first is her young adult novel The Phoenix Rising: Destiny Calls, that she's written as a long running series (see the books and trailers page).


The second project is a children's book that she wrote long ago with her father.

January is also set for Phenice Arielle's return to music with her new single "Get Right.


In the meantime...


What is Phenice Arielle doing right now?


Phenice: "I'm probably looking for a good slow burn to read or watch. But honestly, I'm most likely too busy writing or recording music. Or watching Star Trek. Or thinking about Star Trek. Or wishing I had someone with whom to talk to about Star Trek-- OH MY GOSH did someone just bring up Star Trek??? Oh wait, that was me.

Also, everything you need to know about me is in the video clip below:

(AKA: Me during any icebreaker, or first day at a new place.)"

Phenice is a writer, director, producer and the author of The Phoenix Rising - Destiny Calls


She is also credited for her work as an indie award nominated singer-songwriter.