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New Project Notice.

Phenice Arielle is currently developing an anticipated eight-episode serialized TV drama.




Show title: Dangerous Fashion


Creator: Phenice Arielle 


“Dangerous Fashion” is a serial drama that follows high school students trying to make it in the fashion, music and television world, while engaging in risky behaviors, and too late realizing their consequences and the industry’s predatory nature, all while tackling macroworld issues and current events like discrimination, depression, rape, mental health, and social activism.


“Dangerous Fashion” follows our lead protagonist, a female high school student who is about to age out of the foster care system, with goals of uniting her separated little brother and her twin brother all under the same roof.


When her gorgeous best friend at high school, hands her a flier to audition at the biggest fashion and talent agency in New York: “Dangerous Fashion Talent Agency,” our lead believes this could be her way toward greener pastures and opportunities for her and her family.


However, after her twin brother dies in episode one after being arrested by the police, her optimism and dreams of a life of glitz and glam are somewhat stained. But she continues on, vowing to investigate his death with the help of a handsome legal aide, and by befriending one of the biggest pop stars and businesswomen in the world, who is desperate to get out of the entertainment industry for reasons she’s also desperate to hide. 


Season one of “Dangerous Fashion” doesn’t just span the course of years, but utilizing flashbacks in each episode, it tells the story of fashion, music, entertainment and civil unrest through the decades, as experienced by BIPOC and LGBQT communities from the 1950s through 2020, all while featuring couture fashion, especially while featuring and highlighting BIPOC talent. 


When a new talent agency is created by the mom of the lead’s best friend, as a safe space for BIPOC as the “do good” version of the “Dangerous Fashion Talent Agency” (the agency where the lead’s best friend has already signed), many characters have to choose their sides and teams. Rifts and jealousy grow, and even mother and daughter find themselves in ugly competition. 


Throughout the season, characters risk it all while throwing every moral to the wind in a dangerous fashion. With brief elements of the fantasy genre throughout, some characters go down darker paths in their arcs, while others grow and become more socially conscious.

By the end of the season, our protagonist is no longer able to resist the temptations laid out by the industry (sex, drugs, money, greed), but despite the distractions, is still able to uncover the truth behind her brother’s arrest and death, which help brings international attention to a growing, cultural, multi-generational revolution. 

“Dangerous Fashion” includes anecdotes about predators I encountered while I was exploring and auditioning for a career in the modeling industry, as well as stories from my father who was part of a travelling fashion show back in the 60s who later went on to tour with and open for Luthor Vandross, Patti Labelle and others.